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Since a roof adds protection to your inside environment, it must be secure. When deciding to have a  new roof installed or necessary repairs to be made, you should consider giving it serious thought before simply selecting any Nanaimo roofing company. Nanaimo Roofers in Nanaimo, BC have the expertise to get your project done the way you want it. We have built our reputation on our commitment to give our customers great value for their money. Since we have been successful in doing this, we are now one of the most widely used roofing service in Nanaimo. When you want to be confident that the job of repairing or installing your roof is done correctly, consider who is being called on to do it most often in Nanaimo, Nanaimo Roofers.


Since we have been servicing the Nanaimo, BC area for many years, we have made a name for ourselves at Nanaimo Roofers. We only hire the most experienced and qualified roofing contractors in the area to help with your roofing service needs. Most people know how expensive it can be to have a roof repaired or installed. With the help of our qualified and professional team of roofers, we can keep your existing roof in pristine condition. We are fully committed to giving you the most affordable roofing services here in Nanaimo, BC Canada. We are the roofing company to work with in Nanaimo because of the high standards that we set for our roofing contractors.


Welcome to Nanaimo, BC’s top roofing company’s homepage. We are the best roofers Nanaimo BC has to offer. Please contact us for all your roofing needs, and we’d like to tell about some of the services we offer.

One of the largest areas of our expertise is fixing, removing and replacing roof damage. We repair damage by installing traditional roof shingle replacements, or we can get you to say goodbye to the old way of roof work by installing a new metal, or tin roof. The great thing about metal or tin roofs is that they will increase the value of your house, and they will help you save a truck load of money in roof repairs over your lifetime, and they are also energy efficient. That means when you pick us replace your asphalt shingles with a full metal roof, we’re actually saving you money yearly on your energy bill.

Another great reason to install a metal roof versus a shingle roof is that the metal roof will actually help your home stay much cooler than a traditional shingle roof will. If purchasing a metal roof with us is out of the question for now, then please ask us about our Energy Star approved asphalt shingles. The difference between regular asphalt shingles and our Energy Star approved shingles is that the latter choice has a special coating applied to it so it retains heat better in the winter time, and it actually deflects heat in the summer season. ​


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If you are wanting to try and start eliminating your carbon footprint you could also check out our organic shingles option. These shingles are made from recycled paper which helps the environment, and these shingles will help reduce waste. We love our environment, and these shingles are proven just as effective as traditional asphalt shingles, so why not give them a try? We try and do everything we can to help save the environment, because we know that if we don’t take care of our environment, then it could lead to global warming as well as having terrible effects on the wildlife that make their homes in the trees. You will come to find out that as a company, Nanaimo roofer aren’t selfish, but we are selfless individuals who want to help everyone and everything we can.


If you’re interested in having us complete a commercial project for you, we want you to know that we have some of the finest roofing systems available in Nanaimo. Our most popular option is a TPO system which stands for thermoplastic polyolefin. This material is made from both ethylene-propylebe and polypropylene that has been polymerized together. It creates a weather resistant membrane for the roof that protects from excessive heat exposure, radiation damage, heavy rain and hail. This is the ideal system whether you own a small or large commercial building because it protects against almost everything!


Additionally, we also offer an EPDM system as well. With this type of system, you can expect about the same toughness as the TPO system, but it is usually more affordable to install. We also usually expect installing an EPDM roofing system will also give us the opportunity to finish your project quicker than it would if you chose a standard TPO system. The materials used for an EPDM roof installation include Ethylene Propylene Diene Terpolymer which is fundamentally a rubber membrane that is tremendously durable. This is one of the best roofing system choices as long as your commercial building has no sloping and a flat roof.


Furthermore, if you’re a residential homeowner and need new siding we can install beautiful vinyl siding that will make your home feel and look brand new. However, if you are attempting to go for a more aesthetically attractive look, then possibly you might want to take a look at our stone veneer siding as well. Here at Nanaimo Roofers, we have every popular siding option available, and you won’t be able to beat our prices. If you search “roofing company near me” and find a good company that will do your project at a lower price than we can, then please call us and ask us about price matching. We don’t think we deserve your business, instead, we want to earn your business. Please scroll further down to discover some of our different shingles options.


If you like the idea of traditional asphalt shingles, or in case you aren’t interested in metal roofs, don’t worry because we do it all. We can install fiberglass shingles, asphalt shingles, three-tab shingles, organic shingles, and if you’re interested in a truly amazing look; wood shingles. Wooden shingles are one of our favorite types of shingles here at Nanaimo Roofers, because they give your home a very rustic appearance, and they are super pleasing to your eyes. We have already discussed the important benefits of possibly using organic shingles, so we want to inform you a little bit more about our three-tab shingles. This type of shingle has a composition of asphalt and fibreglass but is definitely more durable than a single tab asphalt shingle. We recommend trying these shingles if you live under extreme weather conditions.


Additionally, we do much more than repair damage. If you want us to install new siding on your house well that isn’t a problem either, and our professionals are always ready for any task. Vinyl siding has become more and more popular over the last thirty years, and it is very easy on the wallet. Don’t let the price keep you from upgrading your house into the new age because it will cost you much less than you probably think!



Residential Roofing

Gutter repair or replacement

Siding Installation

Roofing shingles repair or replacement


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If you think you and your family could benefit from any of our current services please find our phone number on the contact page so we can prepare you a free estimate. We want to be your number one choice for your needs in Nanaimo, and we promise that we do outstanding work that won’t leave you disappointed.

I needed my roof repaired and they came quickly!  Great service, awesome people! Bill Thomas

We had a major leak in our commercial building that has about 4 different offices and businesses.  They came to our rescue!! Sandy Jenkins

Best place to go for a brand new roof! Katie Nedler

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